Arthur’s bedroom

Color palette

For Arthur’s bedroom, a newborn baby, we used the classic blue, white, and gray color chart with panels in Blond Freijo MDF. It’s important when we use cold colors, like blue and gray, to bring some elements to warm up the space. In this project, we used wood, which brought coziness to the bedroom. Lastly, to modernize it, we used wallpaper with geometric shapes.

Niches in children’s rooms

Using niches in a children’s room can be a good alternative to decorate the space and still store things, such as a supply of diapers. The bedroom niches have a handleless hinged door, which leaves a clean look. There were also open niches that we used to add decorative items. I like to mix open and closed niches because it allows us to align aesthetics and practicality.

Play corner

We separated the foot of the bed to make space for play, in which we used a mat to give comfort and to protect the baby from the floor. Another benefit of using rugs is that it reduces the noise of falling toys, which can avoid problems with neighbors. However, it’s important to look for an allergy-free rug that can be washed in the washing machine.