Marketing Agency

The challenge was to optimize the space.

The big challenge of this project was to put everything they needed in 473 ft2: one meeting room, one financial room, a workstation with 10 seats (or more because they are growing), a kitchenette with a microwave, and a coffee stand. After all, what would a communication and marketing agency be without coffee?


In creative workspaces where people interaction is important, the option of a shared workstation can come in handy. Besides having a reduced cost when compared to single desks, it also optimizes the space.

lighting solution

A lighting project is planned based on the layout and the furniture. In this project, cove light was made to illuminate the hall, which is the main circulation area. For the working desk, a double cove was used to ensure a better light. Using cove light is a great option to achieve effective lighting with good finishing for tight budgets, as it’s cheaper than luminaries.

The company’s identity in the space

At the first meeting, the owner showed me some superhero dolls and said: – “We are this”. I think that companies increasingly seek to differentiate themselves by creating a corporate culture, so it was important that the project contemplated the company’s identity. In this project, we created niches in yellow satin lacquer with LED light to give space and highlight all their Geek culture dolls.