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Hello! My name is Brenda Arris. I have a Bachelor’s in Interior Design from the State University of Minas Gerais, one of the most prominent design schools in Brazil. While taking this four-year course, I did a two-year internship at an interior designer’s office. After graduating, I was hired to keep working at this same company. I stayed there for four more years, until I decided to open my own interior design office.

As an interior designer, my main objective is to improve people’s lives. I have discovered that transforming a space also transforms lives, improves self-esteem, as well as personal relationships. It also offers greater productivity for those who use it.

A designer’s work focuses on understanding the context of those who use spaces, so as to optimize the client-space interaction, according to their needs and desires. It is not an artistic work that leaves a “mark” of the professional. Quite the contrary, the end result of a design project is totally user-focused.

Renovating a house or opening a commercial space is a big investment one can make in life. Be sure to plan how it will be done. My goal is to do the best for each reality.



Bringing user-friendly interior design into people's lives, through the creation of projects designed to meet the needs of our customers, while respecting their individuality.



To be a reference in decoration projects.



To help people improve the spaces in which they live; bring a user-friendly design into their lives; have transparency in the supplier selection process; and help our clients feel safe and satisfied.